Art Supplies


Sekaido is one of the main art supply stores in Tokyo and I wandered around the packed aisles today. They have a funny logo that looks like a cross between the Mona Lisa and an anime character. I always forget that buying art supplies is not so easy if you’re expecting the same materials that are easy to find in NYC or LA. I was looking for raw cotton duct, but it doesn’t seem that many people use cotton to stretch a canvas. What you find in all the art stores is linen that has already been primed. Canvas duct can be ordered, but it’s expensive. There is a vast array of ink and pigments though. Today I realized that I shouldn’t be stubborn about choosing my materials. There is a lot to experiment with.




I took the train back to Shibuya and stopped by Uematsu, another art store. As you enter, there are glass bottles lining the walls filled with an amazing selection of dry pigments.

  1. Ellen said:

    Can see you doing some hand painted pop with brush and gouache on paper or board.

  2. Ellen said:

    I can see you doing collage too 😉

  3. Kevin said:

    One of each, please… even though I wouldn’t know what to do with it… prob. just display

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