“Tamburello is a sport of ancient origin, a version of which was already practiced in the Roman period. It developed in Italy and from there spread to France, then on to other countries. The sport is a ball game and takes its name after the instrument (tambourine) used to hit the ball. The first Italian tournament was held in 1896, and the rules of the modern form of the Tamburello game were officially established in 1920.” http://www.tamjapan.org/en/



It’s Sunday afternoon and Daisuke invites me to play Tambourelli. He is passionate about introducing the sport to a Japanese audience and urges me to do the same in the USA. Daisuke is a champion of Tambourelli in Japan and he explains that the game is similar to badminton but the racket is like a tambourine. This peaks my interest, but for a non-sporty type, I was nervous to participate. It turned out to be a lot of fun!



View from the sports center where we played Tambourelli.

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  1. Ellen said:

    Great for a country pastime

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