“Japanese denim remains some of the most prized and sought after thanks in part to the majority of Japanese favoring traditional production techniques that have long been abandoned elsewhere. 45rpm jeans are woven on antique looms resulting in a denser denim with a unique waffle texture.”*



I’m particularly interested in handcrafted techniques that are becoming rare because young people want a different life and no longer care about taking the time to learn a craft such as indigo dyeing or weaving. I search for Badou-R in Aoyama because they are bucking the trend by making their own denim and brand of clothing called 45rpm. In one corner of the store, there are fabric remnants and rolls of denim for sale. I think about stretching a canvas with denim and painting on it with bleach. I’m thinking a lot about how to incorporate these textures and patterns into my own work.





I buy a couple scraps of woven fabrics that I like.

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  1. Sharon said:

    There are some pants on their website I would love to see in real life…… Interesting designs

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