Clematis no Oka


I meet Masaki and Rumi at the train station and we travel to Mishima to visit Clematis no Oka, a museum complex located in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.



There are beautiful gardens and several museums to wander through. The Bernard Buffet Museum houses over 2000 of his works.



In the Izu Photo Museum designed by Hiroshi Sugimoto, there is a haunting display of photos by the artist Seiichi Furuya. His wife committed suicide in 1985 by jumping out of their East Berlin apartment window and Furuya has meticulously poured over the photographs he took of her, in hopes of bringing her back into “the flow of time”. The title of the installation is “The time is out of joint”. It’s a beautiful work about memory and loss.




Rumi walks across the hanging bridge (left) and Masaki poses for the camera (right)


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