Cat Cafe


Cat Cafes are an interesting phenomenon in Japan, and being a cat lover, I’m beyond excited to visit one. They are especially popular in Tokyo because a lot of apartment buildings don’t allow pets. It’s a way to “rent a pet” for an hour or so and de-stress. I pay the entrance fee, replace my shoes with slippers, wash my hands thoroughly and enter the café. There are cats everywhere! You can purchase small containers of roasted chicken which ensures that the cats will pay attention to you. Here is an example of what happens when you have the chicken (above).



There are a lot of purebred cats here. They don’t seem particularly interested in being pet probably because so many people come through, they tire of the attention. I do make a friend who comes over and sits on my lap for a while. A curious Persian is perched on a shelf (above left), a long haired Siamese is balled up in his bed (below right). There are rules that you can only pet the cats, not pick them up, and you can’t wake them from sleep. It’s hard to resist!



Cat toys



A pretty silver tabby.


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